SQS shares knowledge

Up to date, proven, customised: SQS training helps you move forward.

Our auditors and professionals combine thorough knowledge with long experience in the field of management systems. We are happy to pass this on to our clients. In addition to the certification process, seminars and workshops are an ideal medium for us to transfer knowledge to you.

The goal: Qualified employees

SQS seminars and workshops are effective. Because targeted education and training promotes and safeguards the core competencies of responsible employees, who are in charge of setting up and developing a comprehensive management system. This training makes an important contribution to the successful implementation of corporate strategies and goals. This ultimately affects the success of your business, since skilled employees are a precondition for satisfied customers.

The concept: Learning through practice

SQS seminars and workshops are oriented towards practice. In concrete terms: Our trainers will demonstrate solutions on a variety of themes, which have proven themselves in practice. They also give you the knowledge that is necessary to implement these solutions effectively in your company, and consequently to build or develop your management system in a way that is based on needs and easy to use. To ensure that training is as effective as possible, we limit the number of participants to a maximum of 12 people. All participants receive a comprehensive course manual and a participation certificate.

In-house and tailor-made

The following applies to SQS seminars and workshops: We keep your requirements in mind and adjust training materials to your individual needs. And, if you wish, our trainers will come to you: We offer all publicly advertised training as in-house seminars.