Make a sustainable investment – in target-oriented training.

The categorization of all training offers informs you about the requirements needed to participate in the respective seminars.

The chronological sequence serves in the same time as useful guidance for beginners entering into the area of management systems:
basics > experience > special knowledge > certificate

Basic seminar 
Basics for beginners and curious people

Best practice seminar
Wealth of experience from our audits for advanced users

Intensiv seminar
Special knowledge for experts

Information meeting
Requirements Standard revisions for responsible persons

Study course
Training for professionals and executives with certificate

Certificate courses and in-house training courses

In addition to our seminars, we also offer certificate courses (only german) and in-house training courses.


These seminars are currently only offered in german language.
We gladly organize each of the trainings according to your wishes and needs. Further information can be found on our website under in-house training courses.