Code of Business Ethics

Since its foundation in 1983, the business activities of the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) have been based on credibility, neutrality, independence, honesty and incorruptibility. With this Code of Business Ethics, we want to specify these principles and affirm their binding nature towards all parties involved.

The SQS Code of Business Ethics describes our values and principles and sets binding standards for conduct. It serves as a benchmark for all our activities and our integrity, both internally and externally. As complementary documents, the Code of Business Ethics and the Personnel Regulations provide a framework for ethical behaviour at SQS.

Employees are encouraged to contact their direct supervisor, a member of the Executive Management, the Human Resources Department or the independent supervisory committee if they are uncertain about the correct behavior. Each and every individual has the responsibility to make the right decisions and to be guided by the following principles.

These apply equally to the Board, Executive Management and all employees of the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), its subsidiaries SQS Business Services GmbH and SQS Deutschland GmbH as well as its branch office in Italy.


August 2023, Version 1.0