Quality in aerospace and defense

SQS, as the only accredited CB in Switzerland, is credibly qualified by the bodies mentioned below to carry out internationally recognised EN 9100/EN 9120 audit procedures and to issue certificates.

The EN 9100-/EN 9120 certification scheme and the associated standards, requirements and regulations are defined and monitored by representatives of the aerospace and defence industry.
The worldwide executive body is the IAQG − International Aerospace Quality Group.

Among others, the following registrations are contained in the OASIS database:

  • Certification bodies and auditors approved by the IAQG,
  • Companies certified according to EN 9100 and/or EN 9120,
  • Audit reports, audit results and certificates.

The OASIS database is public and is used by large and medium-sized clients in the above-mentioned industries to support the selection and, where possible, qualification of suppliers or potential suppliers.
As long as the certificate is valid, the organisation may use it to communicate/advertise on the market.

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  • A model for assessing the circular maturity of organisations

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