EN 9120:2018 equivalent to AS 9120 B and JISQ 9120:2016

Certification of Quality Management Systems for Distributors and Stockist in Aviation, Space, and Defence organizations


The rapid change in technology in all sectors, the development of trends in society as well as the continuously increased globalization of the markets is still on going. In order to foster customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, a systematic and continuous knowledge management is assumed regarding the development of the business environment and its related needs as well as the expectations of the relevant stakeholders. Thus, an early detection of short and long term challenges will be supported in such a way that an enterprise could align its organization and processes and would be able to improve them in a performance oriented way. Risk oriented management helps to prioritize according actions in order to prevent hazards and to successfully make use of chances and opportunities in a timely manner. In this context, ensuring the availability and maintenance of skills and knowledge is an even more complex task, with which companies must deal in an increasing manner.
In the Aviation, Space and Defence industry applies specific core issues and associated requirements such as configuration management, operational risk management, project management, first article (EN 9102), key characteristics management (EN 9103), foreign object detection (FOD), counterfeits parts, safety management , Human Factors, external supplier management, On-Time Delivery (OTD), etc..
The standards EN 9120:2018 equivalent to AS 9120 B and JISQ 9120:2016 provide these and other topics with the requirements to be met by suppliers of Aviation, Space and Defence industries.


By establishing effective risk and prevention-focused practices and processes, by standardizing requirements, providing process requirements and by the dissemination of best practices significant performance improvements in terms of quality, On Time Delivery (OTD) and cost can be achieved for products and services throughout the value chain. Maintaining a quality culture in all value-added processes affects positively quality costs.
By building and maintaining a dynamic cooperation between organisations of international aviation, aerospace and defence benefits and trust are created.
The certification according to EN 9120 is the prerequisite for registration as a supplier and is listed in the OASIS database. Through EN 9120 the prescribed use of validated process assurance measures, process control at its highest level, i.e. zero-error principle as well as cost reduction, is achieved.

Target groups

Organisations from the aviation, aerospace and defence industries.


3 years - for the purpose of continuous development a yearly upholding audit and after 3 years a recertification audit is conducted.


The SQS certificate EN 9120 is internationally recognized.
The standards EN 9120 (Europe), AS 9120 (North and South America) and JISQ 9120 (Asia) are equivalent. Except for few details, the contents are identical. The regional division is determined by the three major regulated world sectors, which, however, are now largely harmonized.


EN 9100 (Quality Management in Aviation, Space, and Defence Organizations), ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management) and further industry standards

Lead Auditor
Pascal Arnaudo
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