Cross-industry expertise

SQS means: Comprehensive and independent services for the assessment and certification of corporate quality.

Who we are

The Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) is the leading provider of assessment- and certification services in Switzerland. Among its approximately 9000 clients are corporations, SMEs, authorities, or civil society organisations.
SQS was founded in 1983 as one of the world's first companies in this sector. It has over 184 permanent employees in Switzerland, France, and Italy and over 290 freelance auditors worldwide.
Constituted as a Swiss association, SQS is a not-for-profit organisation guided by the values of credibility, honesty and incorruptibility. Its 65 members are Swiss business associations and federal agencies that support the high-quality assessment, auditing, and certification of management standards and -systems. Further members are welcome.

What benefit we provide

We create credibility and trust for our clients in the market, among employees, authorities or other stakeholders. To this end, we evaluate and audit them honestly, independently and competently.
We provide our clients with orientation and comparability. To this end, we provide suitable models and methods as well as our unique wealth of experience from thousands of audits.
We support our clients in building competencies for integrated management systems and sustainable corporate governance. To this end, we train their employees in a practical, impact-oriented and holistic way.

How we stand out

As a testing organisation, we have ourselves audited by being accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). This forces us to constantly develop further and to comply with the highest quality requirements.

We enable our clients to benefit from great combination- and synergy potentials by covering the largest number of standards in all industry- and service sectors. In total, we audit according to over 100 standards.

We make it easier for our customers to access international markets by ensuring that our certificates are recognised worldwide. This is guaranteed by the SAS accreditation, the membership in the international network for certification IQNET as well as various cooperation contracts and agreements with international or foreign partner organisations.

We have the largest network of competent and motivated auditors in Switzerland. All auditors are fully trained by SQS so that we can pass on and develop our decades of experience and expertise in the service of our clients.