The special value of SQS certificates

As an accredited certification body, SQS meets particularly high standards

SQS certificates are recognised worldwide and stand for strict guidelines and independent audit and certification work. On the one hand, our auditors are characterised by their outstanding competence, practical experience and integrity. On the other hand, SQS is accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS, and holds numerous other accreditations, approvals and partnerships.

The accreditation ensures that the certification bodies auditing and certifying the users comply themselves with the specifications. In fact, there are numerous ISO standards for the so-called conformity assessment, to which certification bodies such as SQS must adhere. However, accreditation is not mandatory: the certification of an organisation, for example, according to an ISO standard may or may not be accredited.

Accreditation thus represents an additional stage in quality assurance. Therefore, in some contexts accredited certificates are mandatory, and that is why accreditation increases the guarantee for certified organisations to gain international recognition and easier access to the world market. For that reason, an SQS certificate brings you additional added value.