SQS Advisory Council

Thanks to its advisory council, SQS has a broad network and is well-advised.

The SQS Advisory Council promotes contacts for business, government, politics and science, and also gives advice to the institutions on the performance of their duties. The following people are members of the SQS Advisory Council:

Anna Aebischer-Imfeld
Individual membership

Peter Bieri
SAQ Swiss Association for Quality

Markus Burger

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick 
Individual membership

Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli
Institute for Technology Management (ITEM)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hack
Individual membership

Dr. Rudolf Horber
Swiss union of crafts and small and medium sized enterprises (SGV)

Peter Jossen
bio.inspecta AG

Andreas Kyburz
procure.ch, Purchasing and Supply Management Association

Dr. Hans Lichtsteiner
Associations Management Institute of the University of Fribourg (VMI)

Nicole Loichat
Swiss Contractors' Association