Political advisory council of SQS

With its political advisory council, the SQS is widely networked and committed.

Political developments may have a direct influence on the business activities of the SQS and its clients and members. The SQS's political advisory council promotes contact with politicians and enables the concerns of the SQS to be heard. Thanks to this political network, national and international political developments affecting quality management and certification can be identified and monitored at an early stage. The advisory council members benefit from the provision of expertise on the topics of management systems and certification. Thanks to its direct contact with the business community, the SQS is able to see how political decisions are affecting the daily practice. It passes on this experience. The SQS acts independently of any political parties, movements and associations. The members of the advisory council are members of the National Council or Council of States. They represent various political parties, regions and language groups. The membership of parliamentarians does not entail any obligation.

The following parliamentarians are members of the SQS's political advisory council:

Arslan Sibel
National Councillor Green Party of Switzerland

Germann Hannes 
Councillor of States Swiss People's Party

Gugger Niklaus-Samuel
National Councillor of the Protestant People's Party of Switzerland

Sommaruga Carlo
Councillor of States Social Democratic Party of Switzerland