«SQS live webinars»

Keep your knowledge up to date with our «SQS live webinars».

Effective education format with many advantages
Inspiring, intensive and flexible
Up-to-date, compact and target-oriented

Requirements and further informations about digital infrastructure

To participate in a «SQS Live Webinar» the following infrastructure is required:  

  • a laptop or desktop computer
  • a microphone, a loudspeaker or a headset
  • a webcam
  • a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge or Safari)
  • a stable internet connection        

No active account or licensing is required to use the cloud-based live webinar software. All participants receive an online access to all presentations, applicable documents and meeting's prior to the seminar. For the agreed seminar date, our lecturers are going to send an invitation link which the participants can easily and conveniently join the SQS Live Webinar.

Hubert Rizzi

Our lecturers use digital media profitably for the learning process of our participants – creating thus added value. Digitalisation will undoubtedly change our future learning and teaching sustainably.

Hubert Rizzi, Head of division training

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