Quality in schools and further education

SQS certifies quality management in schools and further education institutions.

Schools and further education institutions have for some time been confronted by growing challenges. Students, parents, teachers, government agencies and the public have specific expectations, which are not always easy to meet in an ever more rapidly changing social environment - especially since financial resources are limited and more demands in terms of effectiveness and economy are also being placed on educational institutions. In this context, high-quality management is of ever greater importance. Schools and further education institutions will find SQS to be an experienced partner in all aspects of quality.

eduQua: Further education certificate

eduQua, the Swiss quality certificate for further education institutions, is an excellent tool for ensuring and developing the quality of further education opportunities. The certification process ensures transparency for all stakeholders and provides an appropriate basis for regulatory decisions (such as subsidies). It applies to a wide range of institutions offering further education: commercial and industrial or commercial vocational schools, course providers involved in labour market measures, education and training centres of associations, schools and private providers of modular offers. As part of the certification process, SQS ascertains and assesses the quality of the institution and individual offers.

Music schools

The quarte offer is tailored specifically to music schools. It provides continuous, future-oriented implementation and development of the educational and cultural mission. Certification with the quarte label is open to institutions that are members of the Association of Swiss Music Schools (VMS).

Overview of the offer

Main standards

  • Certification of quality management systems

  • Certification of environmental management systems

  • Certification of occupational health and safety

  • Educational organizations – Management systems for educational organizations – Requirements with guidance for use

  • Learning services for non-formal education and training
    (The ISO 29990:2010 standard was withdrawn on 18 December 2018, certificates are still valid until 17 December 2021. Recertification according to ISO 29990:2010 is still possible until 17 June 2020 with a shortened term.)

  • Asset Management
    (For any further information concerning the product please contact the product responsible, Mr. Silvio Genovese.)

National schemes

  • Certification of further education establishments
    (The revised standard eduQua:2021 is expected to be enacted in 2021 and put into effect at the beginning of 2022. The transition period for the existing eduQua certificates is three years from the effective date.)


  • Certified quality of Work Integration

  • Management excellence certification of non-profit organisations (According to VMI)

  • Management excellence certification of non-profit organisations (According to VMI)
    (The NPO label looses its validity per June 30th, 2023 and will be replaced by NPO:2020.)

  • Seal of approval for members of the Association of Music Schools of Switzerland

  • Certification of the quality management system
    (SVOAM looses its validity per February 28, 2022 and will be replaced by IN-Qualis.)

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