Certification of further education establishments


Lifelong learning is more in vogue than ever before. If learning services of a high standard are to be provided, then it is absolutely imperative that they cater to the needs of the customers and meet specific criteria recognised in the sector. The national eduQua scheme is officially recognised throughout Switzerland. Further education establishments which hold the certificate have proved that they satisfy the criteria and meet the minimum standard defined by eduQua in respect of further education services.


eduQua is a means of fulfilling official requirements (public money allocated to certified institutions only) and paves the way to a quality service with a quality mindset. eduQua can be introduced without external help (consultants).

Target groups

Further education establishments


3 years - there is an annual interim audit.


The SQS eduQua certificate has national recognition.


eduQua can be combined with ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and SVOAM (certification of organisations involved in employment market initiatives).

Franziska Wey