ISO 9001:2015

Certification of quality management systems


The rapid change in technology in all sectors, the development of trends in society as well as the continuously increased globalization of the markets is still on going. In order to foster customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, a systematic and continuous knowledge management is assumed regarding the development of the business environment and its related needs as well as the expectations of the relevant stakeholders. Thus, an early detection of short and long term challenges will be supported in such a way that an enterprise could align its organization and processes and would be able to improve them in a performance oriented way. Risk oriented management helps to prioritize according actions in order to prevent hazards and to successfully make use of chances and opportunities in a timely manner.
In this context, ensuring the availability and maintenance of skills and knowledge is an even more complex task, with which companies must deal in an increasing manner. Along with other new features, the revision of the standard ISO 9001:2015 is particularly setting new requirements in this respect.


ISO 9001:2015 is providing the basis for a sustainable and target oriented positioning of enterprises on the markets. Thus, chances and opportunities could be achieved and implemented as well as risks reduced. The demonstrably fulfilled requirements should lead to a development of confidence and a consolidation of image for customers and stakeholders.

Target groups

Companies and organisations of all sizes operating in all sectors.


3 years - there is an annual audit to ensure that standards are being maintained and a recertification audit after 3 years.


The SQS certificate of conformity with ISO 9001 has international validity and is recognised worldwide through the IQNET membership. As a leading assessment and certification organization for quality and management systems, SQS disposes of many years of experience and cross-industry expertise. This guarantees the worldwide high reputation and acceptance of the SQS certificates for quality management systems according to ISO 9001.


ISO 9001 can be extended to an integrated management system in connection with ISO 14001 (Environmental management), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management), ISO 50001 (Energy management) or ISO 31000 (Risk management). The new structure (High Level Structure, HLS) is facilitating the integration of the likewise revised ISO 14001 standard. For the future, all ISO management system standards sould be revised according to HLS.

Quality Management System
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Silvio Genovese
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