Quality verification for management systems

A certificate issued by SQS makes your awareness of quality visible to all.

Not all certificates that confirm compliance with a standard are trusted by clients. Only certified companies with highly skilled staff, years of experience and an impeccable reputation can earn that trust. SQS is the best resource if you want to increase the quality of the management system in your company or organisation and to secure and demonstrate the satisfaction of customers, investors, partners, authorities, employees and the public. Years of experience, cross-industry expertise and international networking are your assurance that SQS certification will give you more than one document - it will give you real added value.

SQS means: Guaranteed quality

The certification of management systems places high demands on the expertise of the certification body auditors. SQS certificates are recognised worldwide and are synonymous with high quality. This is guaranteed through accreditation by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS), membership of the IQNET international certification network and various cooperation agreements and arrangements with partners that recognise SQS as an official certification body. Various certificates are awarded in Switzerland exclusively by SQS - for example, the Best Board Practice®label for corporate governance systems that meet the relevant quality requirements.

Certification as a process

A document is issued at the end of the certification procedure, which proves that certain requirements are being met, such as a management system. The procedure itself is a dynamic process, which is not completed with the award of the certificate. Certificates usually have limited validity (three years, for example) and must be renewed regularly. This ensures that the quality assurance tools of management systems are firmly anchored in the corporate organisation in a sustainable way. With SQS, you have a partner that is committed to long-term quality in your business and offers additional added value services such as seminars and training.