Responsibility for the environment

A credible environmental management

Who is against environmental protection? Exactly, today everyone is committed to the responsible use of the world's resources. But do we act accordingly? How do we distinguish between lip service and serious commitment? There are proven solutions to ensure that protecting the environment is not a «nice to have» but an integral part of the corporate culture and processes.

Certification in stages

SQS has a broad range of mechanisms and products forming a bedrock on which to base environmental protection principles in companies and organisations and on which to make a convincing case when it comes to demonstrating the relevant commitment to consumers, customers, business partners, investors and legislators. The classic baseline is the certification of environmental management systems as conforming to ISO 14001. The certificate enjoys international recognition and is applicable to companies of all sizes working in all sectors. It heightens their visibility, raises their profile and plays a central role in the cultivation of image and identity.

Measurable benefits

Whether dealing with the certification of electricity from renewable sources of energy (naturemade), the evaluation of environmental reports and sustainability assessments, or with the validation and verification of Joint Implementation or Clean Development Mechanism projects for greenhouse gas reduction, SQS has a unique and professional cross-sector knowledge of the subject of environmental protection and international expertise for successful certification processes in respect of the required quality labels. In addition to the benefits in terms of projecting a certain image, there are quite specific advantages to demonstrating a committed and effective approach to environmental issues. For example, it can make it easier to win public contracts (EcoEntreprise). Or it might help to rationalise costs in an enterprise - perhaps by way of the management systems designed to improve energy efficiency (ISO 50001). Environmental commitment has many facets - and SQS has the specialists to help your company put the necessary systems in place.