Assessment of management systems

An assessment of the management system provides clarity about the quality position - and the development options.

Knowing where you are: An assessment by SQS provides companies and organisations as well as their customers, partners and other stakeholders with clarity about the quality level of individual areas or the entire management system. This gives them the necessary basis for quality assurance and continuous improvement. The assessment is part of every process in ensuring quality standards in management systems. Its purpose is to combine data collected and knowledge gained during audits and to formulate conclusions and recommendations. The independence and honesty of the auditors play an important role here.

SQS assessment models

SQS offers a variety of assessment models for specific needs. Assessments are based on the results of audits, evaluations and other methods that are used to measure processes. The results are written up in reports and are partially supported by certificates or other documents. All assessment models can be used to supplement and improve quality standards that have already been established by the relevant certificates.