Auditing of management systems

Auditing by SQS experts improves your business.

Each certification is only as valuable as the audits that form the basis of the certification procedure. Because the purpose of auditing is to show clients in an honest way the areas in which the management systems of their businesses or organisations still need be optimised. Neutralityindependenceincorruptibility and credibility are therefore the principles that guide the SQS specialists in their work. Systematic and well-documented processes for all those involved create transparency and ensure that stated objectives can be achieved and verified.

Customer orientation as a strength

The auditing of management systems is based on a variety of specifications and standardised methods, so that desired quality targets can be met and credibly demonstrated. However, a high standard of auditing should offer more than the routine queries of standard criteria. Because every company and every organisation is working in a context that is affected by specific internal (staff, resources, infrastructure, etc.) and external (customer base, market positioning, etc.) factors. That is why SQS places such great emphasis on using auditing procedures that are tailored to the exact needs of customers. This is the only way to guarantee that lessons learned are actually incorporated into the reality of the business and implemented - and that clear added value is provided.

Comprehensive expertise

With its qualified staff, SQS is capable of auditing in all industrial and service sectors with expertise and in a practice-oriented way. It it is therefore able to offer customised auditing and certification services that are precisely aligned to the needs of businesses of all sizes and in all industries.