Mission – Vision – Mission statement

In all actions and decisions, as well as on each occasion both within and outside, SQS personnel behave in accordance with the mission, the mission statement and core values. The latter form the basis of the code of conduct.


With auditing, assessment, certification and training, we make an important contribution to our customers’ sustainable success.


SQS is perceived in the market as a premium partner for management systems that offer comprehensive quality and sustainable success.

Mission statement

Sustainable organizational development

SQS is committed to sustainable development and to try to balance economic, ecological and social aspects. It wants to be an exemplary employer with a promotional and demanding corporate culture and aims to continuously reduce the consumption of resources and environmental impact. SQS uses an integrated management system based on the three cornerstones of comprehensive quality – economy, ecology and social responsibility. 


For SQS, customer orientation means anticipating customer expectations in order to develop and maintain a service tailored to market needs in both voluntary and regulated sectors. Improving the long-term success of its customers by means of auditing orientated towards adding value is its central focus. SQS offers comprehensive services from a single source and aims for long-term customer relationships.


SQS emphasises the technical and social competence, as well as the business thinking and actions of its personnel. To meet customer expectations professionally, it offers its employees targeted education and training. SQS’s attractiveness as an employer is based on performance related remuneration and above average social benefits. The health and well-being of its employees is one of the key objectives of SQS.


SQS is the qualitatively and quantitatively leading organisation for auditing, evaluation, certification and training in the Swiss market and thereby promotes customer confidence. In neighbouring countries, SQS strives to be the leading quality organisation.


SQS is a Not For Profit-Organisation that inde-pendently finances its growth. It invests its earned profits in the stability and development of the organization, as well as in sustainable projects. SQS holds its equity ratio at a high level.