Valais Excellence

Model for the development and certification of an integrated quality/environmental management system


The «Valais Excellence» label was created to distinguish the best and most dedicated Valais companies that are aware of their social and ecological role and are keen to move towards the ongoing improvement of their products and services. This label gives consumers a triple guarantee. 1) The Valais origin of the company; 2) a double quality award from the company (ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment); 3) a commitment by the company to a citizen-friendly attitude towards Valais and its inhabitants.


Valais Excellence Management System® is a management system that allow SMEs to introduce sustainable management into their operations. This system provides powerful tools for developing new knowledge and skills.

Target groups

Businesses and organisations in all industries and of all sizes, which are located in the canton of Valais.


3 years - a reevaluation will be made after 3 years as part of the recertification process.


The Valais Excellence label is valid in the canton of Valais.


Valais Excellence is mainly found in combination with ISO 45001. All other management system standards can also be integrated in a process-oriented way using ISO 9001 (quality management) as a basis.

Lead Auditor
Jan Marinesse
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