swiss assessment

Certification of assessment centres in accordance with swiss assessment requirements


The primary aim of the swiss assessment organisation is to promote and ensure the quality of assessment centre procedures in Switzerland. Members are committed to carefully developing, implementing and evaluating assessment centres. Successful certification confirms that a centre meets the requirements stipulated by the SQS-swiss assessment quality label.


The swiss assessment organisation works to ensure that the selection and personnel development procedures designated as assessment centres are based on scientifically recognised standards of assessment centre technology.
The swiss assessment certification process serves to evaluate and enhance the quality of the assessment centre (AC) method, working on the assumption that a company with high quality awareness also delivers high-quality services. The quality of the AC method is therefore assessed based on the defined checkpoints and representative examples.

Target groups

The SQS-swiss assessment quality label certificate is only awarded to members of the swiss assessment organisation that have passed the certification process.


A recertification audit takes place three years before the certificate is due to expire.


The SQS-swiss assessment certificate is valid throughout Switzerland and is recognised by the swiss assessment organisation.


The swiss assessment label can be combined with ISO 9001 (quality management).

Lead Auditor
Liliane Gabriel
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