External audit of institutions for the disabled
SODK OST+ loses its validity on July 31th, 2028. From August 1st 2025, only certifications according to SODK-OST+:2023 can be conducted. All information on the revision can be found on the SODK-OST+:2023 website.


The restructuring of fiscal equalisation and the division of duties between the Swiss Confederation and the cantons (NFA) came into force on 1 January 2008. Thanks to the reorganisation of responsibilities pertaining to the Swiss Confederation, the cantons have gained increased autonomy but at the same time taken over responsibility for the funding and quality assurance of facilities for the disabled. The quality guidelines of the SODK OST+ are the most frequently used instrument of quality assurance in German-speaking Switzerland.


Certification with the aid of the quality guidelines of the SODK OST+ forms the foundation for continual improvement and development at the level of the organisation and infrastructure, personnel and management, as well as client and professional standards. In some cantons, the SODK OST+ certificate is a prerequisite for performance agreements.

Target groups

Organisations for people with disabilities, such as care homes, sheltered accommodation, workshops and day centres.


Three years - for the purposes of continual further development, a surveillance audit takes place once a year and after three years a recertification audit.


The requirements of cantonal supervisory authorities relating to internal and external audits vary. The responsible cantonal local authority is exclusively in a position to specify whether or not an external certification by SQS according to SODK OST+ is recognised.


SODK OST+ can be expanded with ISO 9001 (Quality management), ISO 14001 (Environmental management) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management) to become a process-orientated and integrated management system, which creates comprehensive added value.

Lead Auditor
Dario Schlegel
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