Minimum standards for obtaining the concordat-based recognition for private prison facilities

Concordat-based recognition of private prison facilities: Compliance with the minimum standards is checked by means of auditing and is reported to the responsible concordatal auditing organisa-tion as a basis for decision-making.


On behalf of and in cooperation with the NWI-CH concordat regarding the execution of prison sentences and measures, IGAplus has developed minimum quality standards for private institu-tions in the prison system. These form the basis of the concordat-based recognition procedure.
To ensure that the audits can be carried out according to recognised methods and quality stand-ards and that there can be no confusion of roles with IGAplus (keyword: guaranteeing formal as well as material independence of the auditing process), the concordat on the execution of prison sentences and measures NWI-CH (Prison Concordat NWI-CH) commissions SQS to carry out the verification of compliance with the minimum standards.


Based on the results of the recognition audit, the concordatal audit organisation makes a recom-mendation regarding the granting or refusal of the concordat-based recognition on the basis of the audit report.

Target groups

Private prison facilities in accordance with the REGULATIONS of the Concordat Conference of the Prison Concordat of the Northwestern and Central Swiss Cantons regarding the concordat-based recognition of private prison facilities (Regulation ApV) of October 22, 2021


According to the regulations concerning the concordat-based recognition of private prison facili-ties, Art. 7, a concordat-based recognition will be valid for 4 years from the decision of the con-cordat conference. After 24 months, an interim review should take place.


No certificate is awarded by SQS. Concordat-based recognition, refusal of recognition or provi-sional recognition are decided by the Concordat Conference based on the documents of the con-cordatal auditing organisation at the request of the AKP.


The verification of the minimum standards can be carried out in combination with a certification according to ISO 9001:2015 or QuaTheDA:2020. In order to claim a corresponding combination, a valid certificate from SQS must be available.

Lead Auditor
Felix Fischer
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