ISO 22000:2018

Certification of management systems throughout the food chain


Further development of the quality management system with the focus on food safety


The implementation of the specifications of standards (PRP, HACCP, traceability, recall/return, verification/validation, etc.) guarantee food safety requirements.

Target groups

Harvesting and agricultural companies, manufacturers of food ingredients, food and feed, wholesale distributors, retailers, cafeterias, catering companies and service providers in the fields of cleaning, transport, storage and distribution, which require an internationally recognised certificate.


3 years - there is an annual audit to ensure that standards are being maintained and a recertification audit after 3 years.


The SQS certificate of conformity with ISO 22000 has international validity and is recognised worldwide through the IQNET membership.


With the exception of IFS, all norms and standards can be combined.

Food Safety Management Systems - Requirements for any organization in the food chain
Lead Auditor
Clelia Jakobi
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