IFS Broker; international featured standard; Issue 3.1; June 2021

Standard for assessing the fulfillment of legal and customer specific requirements in terms of processes and services of brokers, commercial agencies and importers regarding product quality and product safety


Product quality and product safety within the value added chain and the trade chain is gaining more and more importance and it is an essential part of the requirements of legislators and customers. By implementation of the standard and subsequent certification, brokers, commercial agencies and importers are contributing to the implementation of the requirements covering the entire value added chain and therefore are raising the own competence in the field of quality and safety. Additionally, by the introduction of the Broker standard, the transparency over the entire chain of delivery will be increased, whereby a basic need of the consumer will be covered.


Meeting the requirements of IFS Broker standard one the one hand ensures adequate communication, but also trade with high quality, safe and legally compliant products. The certified company is dealing with the existing risks and is implementing accordant actions in a target oriented manner.

Target groups

SQS is offering the IFS Broker certification in the field of trade with food. Therefore, the target groups are brokers, traders, trade agencies and importers of food.


The validity of the certificate is limited by the publisher of the standard to one year.


As all IFS-products, the IFS Broker standard is an internationally recognized standard.


The IFS Broker standard can be combined with the standards ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) ISO 22000 (Food safety management systems), IFS Food Standard (Food safety standard) and IFS Logistics Standard (standard for service provisions in the field of logistics).

Lead Auditor
Denise Kistler
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