Certification of the directives for Genevan medical and social institutions and members of FEGEMS


In early 2005, Fegems completed the drafting of its «Reference guide for certification of services» for the Genevan EMS sector. Compatible with various quality standards existing in the field of healthcare and EMS and in particular with the standards laid down by the Directorate-General for Health (DASS/DES, Geneva), this reference work enables Genevan EMS to qualify for the «certification of services».
Based on the Fegems ethical charter, this reference work translates its values into facts and specific characteristics which are appropriate to the attainment of the set objectives. It is accompanied by an explanatory glossary which clarifies the content of the proposed document and facilitates the use of a common language. Fegems takes a flexible approach to enable each establishment to define its own mission and accompanying concept as a function of its distinctive features.

This reference work nevertheless imposes very stringent requirements. It has to satisfy the legal criteria, notably those set out in the law governing EMS and the expectations placed on the services by the State, the Federal Office of Social Insurance and the paying partners.


FEGEMS enables quality standards to be harmonized within the EMS with the opening of a constructive dialogue and the creation of a common culture for the different partners.

Target groups

The medical-social establishments of Geneva Canton.


3 years; to facilitate ongoing development, a follow-up audit is performed every year and a recertification audit once every 3 years.


The FEGEMS certificate, issued by SQS, is valid in Geneva Canton.


FEGEMS can be combined with ISO 9001 (quality management) and with all the other management system standards.

Lead Auditor
Raymond Teguza
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