EN 14065:2016

Textiles - Laundry processed textiles - Biocontamination control system


The sensorial cleaning of treated textiles is essential for the industry, for the industrial laundries sector and for its customers. Treated textiles should be visibly clean, stain-free and properly dried or ironed; they should also be pleasant to the touch and fragrant or at least free from unpleasant odours, etc. The control of biocontamination is important in many sectors, for example: health, agri-food, pharmaceutical and medical devices. However, the biocontamination of treated textiles is not easily verifiable in the laundry and can have a significant impact on people, products, materials and the environment. When laundries provide textile services in such cases, treated textiles should be suitable for their intended use.


The purpose of the standard, EN 14065: 2016, is to provide a management system that can effectively and consistently guarantee the supply of textiles treated with an appropriate microbiological quality for their intended use. Regardless of the differences between laundries, processes or products, all textile products that return to the laundry service are potentially contaminated. The aim of the wash cycle is to achieve and maintain the appropriate microbiological quality up to the point of delivery under customer control.

Target groups

Industrial laundries


3 years - In the context of continuous development, maintenance audits are held every year and recertification audits after 3 years.


The SQS EN 14065 certificate is internationally recognized.


The standard is perfectly combinable with ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 13485 (quality management of medical industry manufacturers).

Lead Auditor
Silvio Genovese
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