Best Board Practice®-one-time assessment

One-time assessment of management bodies in accordance with Corporate Governance principles, rewarded with BBP® attestation.


Corporate governance has gained in importance, both in the public sphere and in organizations. Various events and deviations related to this theme point to the need for action. The Board of Directors/Board of Trustees/Management Board plays a central role in every organization. The selection and composition of panels also has a decisive influence on the long-term success of the organization concerned. Anyone who demonstrably carries out a status assessment in accordance with the BBP® criteria by means of a one-time assessment gains trust from shareholders/owners, investors, employees, customers, suppliers, government agencies and the public. The organization can demonstrate that its top governing body is carrying out its duties independently, professionally and comprehensively, and has implemented an efficient and effective management and control structure.


Best Board Practice®
- supports the assurance of legal compliance
- contributes to the continuous improvement of corporate governance
- reduces organ-legal responsibility and liability issues to a minimum
- creates transparency and freedom from arbitrary decisions in all essential matters
- ensures the professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness of the top management

Target groups

All top strategic management bodies of organizations (Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Management Board, etc.) are addressed, regardless of size and industry affiliation.


The Best Board Practice®-attestation is valid for 1 year.


The Best Board Practice®-attestation is nationally recognised.


As a supplement to all operational level management systems.

Lead Auditor
Hubert Walter Rizzi
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