The Allergy Seal of Quality

Verification of the Service Allergie Suisse requirements of allergen management for manufacturing allergen optimized consumer goods, for services and for hotel rooms


An independent label of quality with a defined specification is to guarantee the providers an added value and to the consumers affected by allergies and intolerances greater security in the handling of products and services in the following industries: food, cosmetics, cleaning products, technical products and textiles). The Allergy Seal of Quality is also applied in restaurants (special services) and hotel (allergy friendly rooms).


Products sold under the Allergy Seal of Quality are providing added value compared with normal products. The guarantee label does not give any reason to delusion of consumers. Comprehensive consumer information is an integrative part of the concept.

Target groups

Target groups are enterprises and organizations of all sizes, which are manufacturing food or consumer goods. Restaurants providing services for allergy affected customers. Hotels with appropriate rooms for allergy affected customers.


3 years - in the interest of continuous maintenance verification audits are conducted on site or by means of document verification.


The Allergy Seal of Quality has international recognition.


Combinable with standards in the foodstuffs sector and with the usual industrial standards as for ex. ISO 9001 (Certification of quality management systems), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management).

Lead Auditor
Clelia Jakobi
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