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«SQS live webinars» – Requirements and interesting facts about the digital infrastructure
To participate in the «SQS live webinars» the following items are required:
  • a laptop or desktop computer
  • a microphone, a loudspeaker or headset
  • a camera
  • a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge or Safari)
  • a stable internet connection
No active account or licensing is required to use the cloud-based live webinar software. However, a free «Zoom account» and the Windows- or Mac-client allow an easy and intuitive handling.
For the agreed seminar date, our lecturers will send out an invitation link by means of which participants can easily and conveniently join the «SQS live webinar».

For the sake of the environment and a sustainable future, our seminars are conducted paperless. Participants bring their own tablet/notebook. The seminar documents will be made available digitally 5 working days before the start via «OpenOLAT – infinite learning». Short-term changes and any additional documents will be added no later than 2 weeks after the seminar.
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