Certification documents

Adjustments as from June 2019

Up to now, SQS has separately identified the «Scope of certification» and the «Field of activity».

According to the accreditation requirements, only one indication of the «Scope» is requested.
It must clearly and unambiguously describe the activities, products and services of the certification.

For this reason, the SQS has decided to disclose only the «Scope».

At the same time, among other things, the following 2 adjustments are being implemented:

  • «Scopes» (1 to 39) are no longer listed
  • «A. Grisard» new SQS president
Details to all adjustments +

Accreditation requirements according to ISO/IEC 17021-1 and their SQS implementations as of June 2019

  • Point 3.1
    It is referred to as the organization whose management system has been certified.

    ⇒ new in the basic texts «Organisation» instead of «Company»
  • Point 8.2.2, paragraph a)
    Name and geographical location of the certified client must be listed (or the geographical location of the headquarters and any site within the scope of a multi-site certification).

    ⇒ new for Multi-Sites «Further sites according to appendix»
  • Point 8.2.2, paragraph f)
    the scope of certification with respect to the type of activities, products and services as applicable at each site without being misleading or ambiguous.

    ⇒ new only «Scope», «Field of activity» is no listed any more
  • Point 8.2.2
    Scopes (1 to 39) need not be mentioned.

    ⇒ new the «Scopes» are not listed any more

SQS internal adjustments

  • «Reg. no.» positioning
    ⇒ new on the left side instead of on the right side
  • Signature
    ⇒ new «A. Grisard, President SQS» as successor of «X. Edelmann, Präsident SQS»

In-house print office «Print approval»

  • As before, SQS requires a customer approval for each order.

If you have any questions regarding «Print approval», the staff at the in-house print office will be happy to support you.

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