Core values – Code of conduct

Core values

SQS is committed to its 5 core values, credibility, neutrality, independence, honesty and incorruptibility, and calls for compliance with these values by all personnel.
Based on these fundamental values, the following code of conduct applies to all SQS personnel, both hired as well as free-lance.

Code of conduct

Compliance with our core values stands for:

Credibility +
  • truthful
  • reliable
  • conscientious
  • professional
Neutrality +
  • impartial
  • self-committed to observing SQS policies and as well Swiss laws
Independence +
  • free from conflict of interest
  • without shareholder dependence
Honesty +
  • sincere
  • with integrity
  • transparent
Incorruptibility +
  • not subject to undue influence
  • uncompromising personal responsibility in decision making
  • unequivocal rejection of gifts of any kind that go beyond usual hospitality

Safeguarding of the core values

In the event of a justified suspicion of undue influence, which could jeopardise the preservation of the values of the code of conduct, the Executive Board is to be informed.