Association certification procedure in accordance with the quality standards of the «swissPRM Association of Swiss Project Resources Managers»
(The certification by SQS is not offered any longer. Existing certificates stay valid until the end of their validity.)


The certified processes are intended to deliver high quality services to all stakeholders (applicants, internal and external employees and customers).
Of primary importance is the protection of sensitive personal data, the observance of ethical principles and close cooperation with local authorities and social security entities.
A high priority is attached to providing comprehensive and transparent information to the above-mentioned stakeholders.
The quality of the services provided is measured, evaluated and subjected to a process of improvement on the basis of evaluations from customers, employees and partners.


The implementation of swissPRM specifications and quality standards increases the quality and security of the services provided. The customer should see this in a positive way. He is working together with a specialist company.
Improved customer cooperation oriented towards effectiveness and thus increased acceptance and trust.
Important knowledge is retained in processes and principles (management system). These documented procedures are of intrinsic value to the company.
The guidelines are clear for all new staff and the quality of services is defined. This is not to be underestimated in the training of new employees,.
Growing demands as a result of economic and social change can be better met.

Target groups

All undertakings active in the industry branch of the association such as IT staff agencies, IT recruiters and IT service providers and involved in legally-responsible project deployment of skilled personnel and, as association members, guide their actions according to quality principles and audit their compliance though the SQS.


3 years - there is a recertification audit before the certificate expires.


The SQS certificate of conformity with swissPRM has national recognition.


swissPRM is compatible with ISO 9001 (Quality management).

Jan Marinesse