Good Medical Practice®

Certification of quality management systems designed for medical practices


Medical practices face special challenges in the health policy environment. As a leading certification- and evaluation organization, SQS contributes significantly to the strengthening of medical practices and their positioning in the healthcare market. Due to the rapid change in technology, the continuously increasing costs as well as the increasing patient requirements, process-oriented quality management is becoming a question of survival in health care. Linked to this are the continuous process improvement and the achievement of above-average outcome results (medical result quality). A certified quality management system based on the Good Medical Practice® label provides an excellent basis for medical practices.


Nationally recognized proof of quality capability through a process-oriented management system.
External and internal benefits of the SQS certification:
- improved patient orientation and competitiveness,
- more confidence on the part of patients, health insurance companies and authorities,
- Compliance with medical practice-specific standards and criteria,
- higher transparency within the medical practice,
- faster reaction possibilities thanks to process key figures,
- Compliance with legal requirements,
- Proof of due diligence in liability matters,
- nationally recognised proof of quality capability.

Target groups

Medical practices of any size (individual- and community practices) and specialization.


3 years - there is an annual audit to ensure that standards are being maintained and a recertification audit after 3 years.


The SQS certificate of conformity with Good Medical Practice® has national recognition.


Good Medical Practice® can be combined with ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management), ONR 49001 (risk management).

Lead Auditor
Gisela Kessler-Berther
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