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The Federal Act on Electronic Patient Records (EPRO), which came into force on April 15, 2017, regulates the general terms for the introduction and distribution of electronic patient records. It is intended to increase the quality of medical treatment, improve the treatment procedures, increase patient safety, while also improving the efficiency of the healthcare system. This also means that the health literacy of patients is promoted in the long term.
In-patient service providers referred to in Art. 39 and 49a, para. 4 of the Swiss Health Insurance Act, such as hospitals, clinics, home care, birthing centres and care homes, are obliged to join a community or reference community.


In order to guarantee secure data processing, the Electronic Patient Record Act specifies the minimum requirements for all those involved (communities, reference communities and issuers of identification documents). Compliance with technical and organisational requirements is ensured by means of a certification process. Hospitals have to introduce the EPR within three years (April 2020), care homes and maternity homes within 5 years (April 2022) from the entry into force of the law and the ordinance. To do so, they have to join a certified core community or community.

Target groups

SQS offers certification services for communities and core communities on the basis of the TOC (Annex 2 EPDV-EDI).


3 years – for the purpose of continual further development a surveillance audit takes place once a year (after initial certification) and a recertification audit after three years.


SQS checks the implementation of and compliance with the strict regulations of the EPRO. Once the certification procedure is passed, a standardised certificate is issued. The national EPD umbrella brand is a guarantee for secure data exchange according to EPRO rules.
SQS has worked intensively on EPRO from the very start and has been actively involved in its development. In addition, SQS has access to recognised technical specialists working in the fields of information security, data protection and health care. Furthermore, SQS is a leading assessment and certification organisation for management systems with many years of experience and interdisciplinary competence.

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