BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products; Issue 4; November 2016

Certification of the Global Standard for Consumer Products


Product safety within the value added chain in the consumer goods production industry is becoming more and more important and is an essential component in the standards demanded by customers of the manufacturers of all kinds of consumer goods. Manufacturers of consumer goods who introduce the standard and then go through the certification process receive support with the necessary measures to ensure product safety, quality and legal conformity. The duty of care is fulfilled by running an efficient hygiene management system and adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This results in the control of contamination risks and a supply of safe products for retailers and consumers.
Version 4, which comes into use from 1 May 2017 as the basis for certification, includes the following new updates:
1. You can now choose between a «General merchandise» standard and a «Personal care and household» standard. In this respect, the choice of standard is determined by the hygiene requirements during production and the product risk during appropriate use. For example, the «Personal care and household» standard applies to kitchen towel, cosmetics, cleaning agents, baby products and dental care products. If any of our customers have questions about which standard to actually apply, please do not hesitate to contact us.
2. There is a choice between «Foundation level» and «Higher level». Certification according to «Foundation level» applies to new customers that have not yet obtained BRC CP certification. Also, certification according to «Foundation level» can be registered if end-customers do not require certification at «Higher level».


BRC CP guarantees the production of safe, high-quality products conforming to statutory requirements, the optimisation of process control and the minimisation of risks

Target groups

Companies and organisations of all sizes operating in all sectors which make consumer products.


1 year - the standards body envisages annual recertification audits.


The SQS certificate has international recognition.


BRC CP is compatible with ISO 9001 (quality management) and with all other management system standards. It can be combined with BRC/IoP without any additional input or outlay.

Jürg Meier
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