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IFS Food; international featured standards; Issue 6; April 2014

IFS Food; international featured standards; Issue 6; April 2014

Standard for auditing quality and food safety of food products (The standard looses its validity per June, 30 2018 and will be replaced by the Issue 6.1; November 2017.)


In order to meet international specifications for food retailers, the IFS (GFSI recognised process) is suitable for the implementation of and compliance with food safety.


Using the IFS International Food Standard improves product safety and guarantees international recognition. Supplier audits are minimised. The IFS/IFS auditors, with IFS approval, guarantee the recognition of SQS.

Target groups

Private label suppliers in the food industry.


1 year


The IFS Food SQS Certificate is valid internationally and is recognised as the GFSI standard by wholesalers worldwide.


The International Food Standard can be supplemented with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.