Drawing Contest 2018

19th International and 12th National Environmental Drawing Contest 2018

«Planet Earth – My Home»

 «Planet earth – my home»

Draw your picture… your take on Mother Nature, your home and our future.

Use it as your mouthpiece – your drawing should get people thinking.

In the arms of Mother Earth...
Mother Nature, or Mother Earth, is a personification of the natural world, our environment. She symbolises everything that is fruitful, creative and primal, providing protection and nourishment. However, Mother Earth is increasingly being regarded as an impersonal commodity – something that is merely used and consumed. The ties that bind mankind to nature are becoming frayed.

Mother Earth is a living, dynamic system, made up of the invisible community of which all life systems and living things are members – interconnected, independent and complementary, all sharing the same destiny.

Our climate is fundamental to our very existence. Is climate change responsible for crazy weather? Storms are snapping electricity pylons, heavy rainfall is turning our streets into raging torrents and summer droughts are withering harvests in the fields. Time and again, we humans are having to battle extreme weather events.

Eligibility to take part

Schoolchildren from Years 1 to 9, with the exception of kindergarten children, may submit a drawing they have created all by themselves.

Participation conditions

Your freehand drawing must not exceed A3 format (297 x 420 mm). We regret that drawings featuring text, printed material, textiles, wires, stones, leaves, threads or any other 3D-materials are not permitted for this Environmental Drawing Contest. You must have completed the drawing entirely on your own and it must not have been published already. Drawings may be published by the Organisers and put to further use for sustainability purposes. We regret that drawings entered cannot be returned.


For this Environmental Drawing Contest, only drawings provided with an SQS adhesive label on the back which is filled in completely and legibly will be accepted. Extra adhesive labels can be ordered: please see «Information and ordering additional documents» below.

Our schedule

Closing date for submission of drawings February 23, 2018
National judging in Zollikofen April 4, 2018
National prize-giving ceremony in Zollikofen     May 25, 2018
International prize-giving ceremony in Tokyo, Japan     August 2018

Submission of entries by teachers

Teachers are responsible for ensuring that drawings comply with the above-mentioned participation conditions and that each drawing has a complete, legible, original adhesive label on the reverse. Drawings must be collected together according to class (category) and sent to SQS using the postage-paid label. Do not fold or roll up drawings – the works of art must not suffer any damage in transit.

National prizes

Winners will be notified in writing, therefore a fully completed adhesive label is a fundamental requirement for every drawing. The prize money must be used for a school trip, project or activity which has an environmental theme. Information about how the prize money is to be used must be provided to the Organisers immediately after the winners are announced.

Prizes for each category

category  6 to 9 year            category  10 to 12 year           category  13 to 15 year
1st prize CHF 1 250.00   1st prize CHF 1 750.00   1st prize CHF  2 000.00
2nd prize CHF 1 000.00   2nd prize CHF 1 500.00   2nd prize CHF  1 750.00
3rd prize CHF    750.00   3rd prize CHF 1 250.00   3rd prize CHF  1 500.00

Special prizes

In each category, a special prize will be awarded by the GVB Cultural Foundation, Bank J. Safra Sarasin and IQNet, each worth CHF 1 000.00 (per category). Furthermore, 30 special awards will be given by SQS, each worth CHF 200.00 (Reka cheques).

Our jury

The jury for the National Environmental Drawing Contest, chaired by SQS, is made up of the following members: Barbara Baumann (painter), Katja Lang (Kindermuseum Creaviva in the Zentrum Paul Klee), Cornelia Renner (Federal Office for the Environment), Pedro Alves (IQNet), Dr. Xaver Edelmann (World Resources Forum), Daniel Graf (Bank J. Safra Sarasin), Patrick Lerf (GVB Cultural Foundation), Prof. Max W. Twerenbold (economics journalist), Matthias Winkler (freelance artist), René Wasmer (Chairman of the Jury, SQS).

Participation in the international contest

All drawings submitted will automatically be entered into the International Environmental Drawing Contest. Winning drawings will be published from September 2018 at: www.childrens-drawing.com. The International Environmental Drawing Contest takes place in Tokyo and is run by IQNet, in collaboration with Japan Quality Assurance (JQA).

Information and ordering additional documents

Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS)
Bernstrasse 103, CH-3052 Zollikofen, Switzerland
T +41 58 710 35 33, training@sqs.ch